Mouse and Monitor Stand™ Available Now

Both the Full Monitor and Laptop Versions are now available for purchase WITH dovetails. Photographer IMG_1730 IMG_1736 IMG_1747 IMG****_1744

Above is the Laptop Version White Ash with a pull out platform or a slide.  Mouse and Monitor Stand is a trade mark and is also patent pending.

This white ash version with dovetails is about as gorgeous as they eye can imagine. Shown is the prototype in my office and is only 5/8″ thick. My latest version for you is 3/4″ thick. Available to place on a 30″ tall desk which is the most common. For those that are  A. 5’6″ to 5’7″ , B 5’10-5’11” and C 6’0 to 6’1″ tall. Products in stock and can to be lacquered or stained. Your call. All are 36″ wide x 22″ deep. Custom sizes for all other heights are also available.

Signature 1 LR Stop The Pain Color dipvlica


dipvlicaL Signature Patent Pending Color R 2

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