Wide and Long Mouse and Monitor Stand™ for A Laptop

This all 3/4″ maple Monitor and Mouse Stand™ has 28 vertical dovetails and the pristine satin lacquer will last for years and years.  There are no platforms or a back. As they say, it is what it is. The size is 36″ wide x 11″ tall, x 22″ deep.  Let this addition to your office be the ‘cats eye’. It is beautiful beyond compare. There is simply nothing like it on the planet. All USA ( Made, Assembled, and Lacquered in Michigan ). Their is not one foreign dollar is put into this elegant piece of furniture, that is functional, and serves a purpose. This will improve your health and well being providing that you use it every time you need to work with your laptop. Can’t Stand The Pain™ well try being pain free it will change your life for the better.

This can be delivered within 100 miles of Ann Arbor free of charge. Beyond 100 miles it is available for pick up.

20 Year Warranty

In stock

36 x 11 x 22

36 x 11 x 22

22" Deep

22″ Deep

Work with room to spare !


28 Dovetails or 56 depending upon your point of view


Below you can see that there is no backing or bottom on this Mouse and Monitor Stand™ Sits neatly on the top of your desk.IMG_1936



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