3000 Finesse it Non Woven Disc


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Talk about a consistent finish in a non woven product …. never seen anything like this…ever. When used with a soft interface pad this disc will follow any undulations that your painted panel may have. This can be used dry or damp and with a sander, not a buffer ( except for the 3″ ). Most 3″buffers have about a 3/16 orbit which is fine. Use this  Finesse it disc throughout pretty much the entire thickness of the disc. I have sanded an entire 99 Suburban with one 6″ disc damp. If my eyes are right the wear was less than 20%. So if your compound, which most detailers do, we can pretty much say that your compounding time will be cut by at least 50%. Less time compounding, means increased thruput , which means you can increase your profits by detailing more cars in a given month. Less wear on your buffer, buffing pads, and use less compound and less wear on you. We are talking about a reduction in time.

Here is what 3M says about this one disc.

  • Silicon carbide mineral works fast and produces a smooth finish
  • Versatile disc can be run wet or dry on paint, clear coat, primer, gel coat and metal
  • Nonwoven web is less prone to loading and helps improve the life of the disc
  • Flat abrasive surface works fast to refine sand scratches
  • Designed for medium to large area applications

If you are just going to compound then polish this is a winner.

If you are removing a previous disc scratch like a 2000 that is used for removing orange peel, this is a winner.

One damp sanding pass using a east west followed by a north south direction is all you may need before compounding.

If you do not have a soft interface pad we have those available as well.

3000 Grit S/C Finesse it Non Woven Disc

3 Inch

5 Inch

6″ Inc

3000 Grit S/C Finesse it Non Woven Disc


A Must Have Surge Protector

If you damp sand or west sand without a surge protector you are at risk


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3000 Grit Finesse it Disc

6 Inch, 5 Inch, 3 Inch


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