5″ 3000 Non Woven Finesse it Disc Kit

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As with the ^’ Mini Kit, this kit is for those who have have 5 Sander.

Reducing time in buffing

For folks who believe that they have a conformable and cool cutting back up pad already here is the Mini Kit with the soft interface pad and the 3000 Grit Finesse it Discs. Having said that you still will be able to reduce time in the polishing step time and of course you will no longer need to claybar. Improve thruput and increase profits. $$$$$$

So here we go!

3000 Grit S/C Finesse it Non Woven Disc

In the kit you will receive

Three (3) 3000 Grit Finesse it Sanding Discs 5 x NH

One ( 1 ) Cool Cutting Interface Pad


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