Baby Morgan


Being in stock means one of two things. I have it in inventory or I can print it out , varnish , signed and can ship in two days. and small Gallery Wraps in about a week.  Medium to large gallery wraps about two weeks.  All prints are varnished to a hi gloss and all are on canvas.Many many other sizes are also readily available as well.






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Baby Morgan

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Below is a Gallery WrapGW Baby Morgan







While photographing a Charity Event ( April 2015 ) something was brought to my attention. There was a new member of the Nevers family at Never Ending Farm in Pinkney Mi. A baby Morgan Horse. I took a blind shot from above the partition and what a shot it turned out to be. Then the cry came out out, you just gotta paint this. So I did.



Baby Morgan Photo

GW Baby Morgan


Just about three days just to paint the small hairs on this gorgeous new baby Morgan. If you have a photo of you horse grabbing your attention to be painted in the style of Don Pavlica rest assured he can do it.  Don has complete control of the Printing , Gallery Wrapping , Varnishing, Imaging Process, Digital Rendering, Digital Painting and leaves nothing to chance.



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