The Mini Detail Stick

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Is this sweet or what? My patent pending detail stick now is equipped with a loop for you key ring. The Mini Detail Stick. This Microfiber Stick is great for cleaning where your fingers cant quite reach. In vents ( home and car )… between the hood and fender, between the door and pillar, front grill of your car, and when you can’t find your keys now there is a better chance of finding them ! That’s for certain. To wash it just wiggle it off the stick , wash it without fabric softener , dry it and wiggle it back on the stick.

Mini Stick with Loop for Key Rings






This is a smaller version of Dons Detail Stick. The Microfiber Sock picks up dust, not just move it around. You could even connect it to your key ring ( comes with a loop). Now when you say I can’t find my keys, now it’s easier ! I do it all the time. You can see it from a million miles away ( just kidding ). Or how about not finding keys in your drawer or at the bottom of a purse. Now they stand out. By the way use it for its’ intended purpose to help you clean. Vents, In The Car, Outside of the car, polish that is wedged between the fender and hood, the lift gate, between doors. Around the office or the man cave. And on and on! Easy to wash, just don’t use a fabric softener. Just remove the microfiber sock by wiggling it off the stick, wash it, when dry wiggle it back on. Enjoy enjoy enjoy.


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Dimensions 8 x .1875 x 1.5 in


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